It is ten years since this story about plans to convert a pub dating back to 1730 into a restaurant and flats was making our headlines.

Plans to build a restaurant and housing complex on the site of a 300-year-old pub have come under fire from residents.

Developer RCT Construction wants to convert the Horse and Well in Woodford Green High Road – which dates back to 1730 – into a restaurant and flats, as well as build a row of four bedroom townhouses on the pub’s car park.

Nearly 50 households and nearby Wells Primary School have objected to the council over fears the three-and-a-half storey buildings will overlook people’s gardens and cause their traffic-choked roads to become more congested.

Louise Lombard, 38, of Aldeburgh Place, said: “The roads are already completely manic in the mornings and in the afternoons.

“My neighbours and I sometimes have to park miles away from our homes, so often I come home from work and I have to walk from two or three roads away with all my shopping.

“One of the reasons I bought my house is because we aren’t overlooked by anyone.

“If these houses are built then we will be, and I don’t want that.”

Neighbour Lisa-Marie Holbrook, 30, said: “So many people in the area are opposed to this. The roads are busy enough outside as it is and with more homes in the area it will just make it worse.

“The restaurant will only have eight car parking spaces, which probably won’t even be enough for the people working there.”

Last month the Guardian reported residents had complained to councillors about traffic and parking problems in the area, which they said put young children going to and from Wells Primary School at risk.

Rumours are also circulating that another pub in the High Road – The Travellers Friend – could be turned into a similar development of a restaurant and flats, although the owners have denied this.

The council has not yet decided when the planning application will be discussed by councillors.

Developer Tommy Tompkins, of RCT Construction, said: “There's nothing much I can do. If they object, they object.

“The road conditions in the area are down to the car dealership at the side. They should use their own premises instead of parking cars in the roads.

“I doubt it will go through first time, these things often don't. We'll probably have to go to appeal.”

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