It's ten years ago this week since a club named in honour of the nightspot at the former Walthamstow dog track was set to open.

A former problem pub has undergone a radical transformation in an attempt to shake off the stigma of its troubled past.

Named in honour of the legendary Charlie Chan’s, the popular nightspot at the now defunct Walthamstow Stadium, Chanz has been created on the site of the Prince Albert pub in Old Church Road, Chingford.

The Prince Albert gained a reputation for a young crowd and regular fights, but when Roland O’Sullivan purchased the venue last year, he hoped to usher in a new era.

Despite being renamed the Bird Cage, the pub still attracted similar clientele, prompting Mr O’Sullivan to take drastic action to boost the business.

Joining forces with a new business partner, club promoter Max Sinclair, the venue has undergone an extensive revamp, with a new look both inside and out.

The new club will be launched on Saturday, with DJs from Capital and Kiss FM.

Mr Sullivan said: "I remember when I used to go to the Prince Albert in my early twenties and it was a nice pub.

"But unfortunately over the years I stopped going and it had developed a bad reputation.

"We have changed the club's name to Chanz because the name has a lot of history for people who used to go to the dog track.

"We are trying to jog people's memories. The nights were very good there and it had a good crowd."

Born and bred in Chingford, Mr Sinclair, 38, added: "Sometimes if people can't find a place to go out at night in Chingford it may prompt them to leave the area.

"But we want them to stay here and keep the place vibrant.

"We want to bring things back to when clubbing was good and fun."