There is a fascinating and beautiful map within the Waltham Forest Archive collection at Vestry House Museum in Vestry Road, Walthamstow, which depicts Walthamstow as it was in 1822, in the early 19th Century, just a few decades before urban expansion took hold and the landscape was changed forever.

Produced by Vestry clerk John Coe, it plots the houses and extent of land plots in the parish at that time, and is annotated with the names of some of the main landowners.

At first glance it looks alien to the Walthamstow of today, but a closer look reveals familiar elements: modern-day streets can be seen in field patterns, and clusters of buildings can be seen along Wood Street, High Street (then Marsh Street) and Hoe Street.

Some of the landowners' names have survived as modern-day street names, and some of the mansions on the map still stand today.

Can you identify the location of your home, street, favourite pub or eaterie?

The original copy of this fabulous map (this is the digitised version) can be seen by appointment at Waltham Forest Archives.

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