It's ten years ago this week since the Guardian featured this story with a happy ending.

Six tiny kittens were abandoned in a suitcase outside a hotel.

Staff at the Alfred Hitchcock Hotel in Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone, were alerted by a startled guest who spotted one of the cats scampering around its car park.

They then discovered a partially zipped-up bag near its entrance with four of the kittens still inside, and another running around nearby.

Manager Michelle Flack said: "They all seem to be absolutely fine which is a relief. The bag was slightly open so whoever dumped them wanted some air to get in.

"We took them to a vet and everything appears to be OK. They're only eight weeks old.

"It's very strange. When I saw them I was excited but also confused why they were left here.

"We went to the entrance around 11pm to midnight last night and they weren't there then, so they must have been put there in the early hours while we were asleep."

Homes for the kittens have already been found in the space of a few hours, thanks to Mrs Flack and her friend, the actress Jackie Clune.

The pair and parents of children at Our Lady of Lourdes Church School in Wanstead spread the word and soon found several families willing to look after the animals.

Mrs Flack added: “We're so glad they're OK and have new homes.”