How much were the recent problems with empty supermarket shelves, higher prices for food and energy, queues at petrol stations with high fuel costs caused by Brexit?

It is difficult to identify the cause when we are also in the middle of the Covid pandemic. But we must not ignore the fact that these problems are effected by our decision to leave the European Union.

We left on January 1, 2021 and now the hysteria is over and from now on we must decide was it worth it.

The Prime Minister often used the phrase ‘Get Brexit Done’. We want to know whether ‘Brexit is being done well’. These recent problems will have been made worse by Brexit.

From now on the focus will be on whether this country profits leaving the European Union or falls behind its European neighbours.

All the Brexit promises that were given are now history.

Brexit must be monitored at every stage for whether it is making life easier or harder for every one of us.

Richard Newcombe

Chair of Waltham Forest European Movement