Are you a “new year, new you” type of person or more of a “new year resolutions are a short cut to disappointment” type?

I’ve found that a small goal at the start of each month keeps the motivation going and reduces the chances of me creating a ‘new me’ goal that I will drop within the week! And the best way of deciding what a good goal would be is to ask myself regular questions.

Questions that are about why you want to do something rather than what you want to do are a great start.

For example, it’s not enough to know that you want to be a better communicator. You are unlikely to stick to any resolutions if you don’t include a why. Why do you want to be a better communicator? Because you want to improve your relationships at work? Because you want to move up a level at work? Because you want to become better known in your industry?

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The answer to your why will create a different set of actions. If you want to become better known, then your small goal for January might be to join a club that helps you to become a better presenter. On the other hand, if you want a promotion then your January goal could be to read a book on speaking up at work.

Hopefully creating smaller goals will mean that 2022 is the year you make giant leaps towards your big plans. Let me know how you get on at

  • Sally Hindmarch is a communication skills specialist and runs Partners With You, a company that helps people improve the way they come across at work