Labour maintained control of Redbridge Council with its biggest ever number of seats in the May 5 local elections.

Here are the full ward by ward results.

Aldborough – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 34% – Councillors John Howard and Jyotsana Islam re-elected and new councillor Lebo Phakoe elected, all Labour.

Barkingside – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 37% – Cllrs Judith Garfield, Martin Sachs and Mark Santos (moved from Hainault) all re-elected for Labour

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Bridge – LABOUR GAIN, turnout 35% – Conservattive councillor Paul Canal and Labour councillor Gurdial Bamra (moved from Clayhall) re-elected, new Labour councillor Syeda Choudhury elected.

Chadwell – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 28% – Councillors Hannah Chaudhry, Bert Jones and Anna Sachs re-elected, all Labour.

Churchfields – LABOUR GAIN, turnout 45% – Councillor Rosa Gomez re-elected, new councillors Lloyd Duddridge and Guy Mansfield-Williams elected, all Labour.

Clayhall – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 35% – Councillor Mohammed Uddin re-elected and new councillors Kabir Mahmud and Prabjit Gurm elected, all Labour.

Clementswood – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 27% – Councillors Helen Coomb, Zulfiqar Hussain and Muhammed Javed re-elected, all Labour.

Cranbrook – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 29% – Councillors Chaudhary Ahmed, Syed Islam and Saira Jamil (moved from Loxford) re-elected, all Labour.

Fairlop – LABOUR GAIN, turnout 34% – Councillors Ruth Clark and Joyce Ryan re-elected for the Conservatives, new Labour councillor Bob Chattaway elected.

Fullwell – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 32% – Councillor Sham Islam re-elected and new councillors Shanell Johnson and Matthew Goddin elected, all Labour.

Goodmayes – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 25% – Councillors Namreed Chaudry, Kam Rai and Neil Zammett re-elected, all Labour.

Hainault – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 32% – Councillor Shah Ali re-elected and new councillors Sam Goulda Luthfa Rahman elected, all Labour.

Ilford Town – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 26% – Councillors Syeda Ahmed and Shoaib Patel re-elected, both Labour.

Loxford – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 26% – Councillors Taifur Rashid and Sahdia Warraich re-elected, new councillor Foyzur Rahman elected, all Labour.

Mayfield – TO BE DECIDED ON 26TH MAY – Candidates nominated: Jas Athwal (Lab), Maria Begum (Cons), Carol Corbin (Cons), Majad Hussain (Independent), Tanweer Khan (Lab), Sufia Khanam (Lib Dem), Khushi Masood (Cons), Vanisha Solanki (Lab).

Monkhams – LABOUR GAIN, turnout 40% – Conservative councillor Linda Huggett re-elected and new Labour councillor Joel Herga elected.

Newbury – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 31% – Labour councillor Thavathuray Jeyaranjan re-elected and new councillors Sunny Brar and Niki Chahal elected, both Labour.

Seven Kings – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 27% – Labour’s Pushpita Gupta and Sadiq Kothia (moved from Fullwell) re-elected, new councillor Nav Johal elected, all Labour.

South Woodford – LABOUR GAIN, turnout 43% – Labour councillors Beverley Brewer and Joe Hehir (moved from Hainault) re-elected and new Labour councillor Saiqa Qayum-Hussain elected.

Valentines – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 26% – Councillor Khayer Chowdhury re-elected, new councillors Alex Holmes and Kumud Joshi elected, all Labour.

Wanstead Park – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 44% – Councillor Sheila Bain re-elected and new councillor Bayo Alaba elected, both Labour.

Wanstead Village – LABOUR HOLD, turnout 42% – Councillors Joe Blackman, Paul Donovan and Daniel Morgan-Thomas re-elected, all Labour.