It's ten years ago this week since people living on an east London estate were not keen on the proposed location for a new playground

Families living on an estate on Woodford Green have given the thumbs down to proposals to build a playground on a communal green.

The Monkhams ward has no playground, and parents have fought a three year campaign to have one built.

Flats in Broomhill Court on Broomhill Road, Woodford Green, look onto the small council-owned green which has been suggested as providing a possible site for a play area in a report to be considered by local councillors on May 29.

But mum of four, Donna Chambers, 42, who lives in Broomhill Court, said: “If it was for residents only, it would be fine.

“But people would come from all over to use it and I would worry it would attract teenagers who can cause a lot of trouble.”

And fellow parent Brenda Jones, 41, agreed.

She said: “We get a lot of anti-social behaviour from school children as it is.

“By putting a playground here you would just create even more of a problem.”

Her daughter, nine-year-old Caitlin, said she would like a playground on the green, but Ms Jones added: “I know my daughter wants one, but you have to be realistic.

“Maybe they could use some of the land in the Hawkey Hall car park which is huge.”

Much of the green space in Monkhams is owned by the Corporation of London.

The Corporation will not allow the construction of any permanent structure on its land but it has been in discussion with councillors to identify an area which might be suitable for a ‘natural play area’.

Geoff Seef, who first raised the issue at an Area Two Committee meeting in 2009, said: “I don’t think the land near Broomhill Court is appropriate.

“It is right on the fringe of the Monkhams ward anyway and we would like something a bit more central.

“I’m still hopeful the Corporation will allow us to put a natural play area either on the Green or by the ponds.

“It has been a long running saga, but we must keep the pressure on them.”