A REMARKABLE cyclist has proved himself the wheel-deal by celebrating 90 years of peddled-powered travel.

Retired optometrist John Powell, of Henry's Avenue, Woodford Green, celebrates his 95th birthday on Saturday and can look back at a long list of achievements including travelling from Land's End to John O'Groats by bike.

He has also rowed across the English channel and was given the Dale Johnson trophy for being the oldest person to complete the 125 mile Devizes to Westminister course in a canoe.

Mr Powell said: "I still cycle down to the local shops or to the weekly Quaker meeting but not very far or very fast.

"I had my first tricycle when I was five and have been cycling for 90 years. It's a relatively cheap method of transport and it's healthy although there are drawbacks in very bad weather.

"I have toured England, Ireland and the continent with my wife and some light camping equipment. We especially enjoyed Denmark, which was very attractive in my opinion."

Mr Powell refused to believe that he had done anything special by cycling the 1076 miles from the tip of Scotland to the foot of Cornwall when he was 80-years-old.

He added: "I don't feel it's a very big deal really, hundreds of cyclists have done that journey before although maybe not quite as old as I am."

But Mr Powell is not resting yet, as a keen member of London Cycling Campaign he is determined to do his bit to promote the activity and show people they have no excuses for using their cars.

He said: "I think that planners should consider cyclists more when they are building new roundabouts and I'm also very keen on the advanced cycle stops at lights.

"I think cycling helps with climate change and makes or cities more pleasant. I've been knocked over twice by cars before but only received a few bruises so it hasn't put me off."