ANGRY commuters say they are being targeted by residents who are slashing tyres and shouting abuse at people for parking in the street.

Those using Epping Sation face the problem of finding somewhere to park every morning and are forced to use residential streets nearby when the station car park is full.

But it is believed residents have been taking the law into their own hands to make sure commuters stay away.

Peter Hooper, from Epping Green, said he could not afford to pay for parking everyday so instead used a residential street near the station.

But his money-saving idea backfired when he ended up having to spend £75 on repairs after his tyres were slashed on two separate occasions.

Meanwhile Danielle Bed-ford, who lives in North Weald, had abuse shouted at her when she tried to leave her car on the street for the day.

She returned from work to find two of her tyres had been slashed.

She said: "I reported it to the police but they said there's nothing they can do. When the car park is full by 7.15am every morning there's nowhere else to park. I'm stressed out and don't know how I'm going to get to work."

Miss Bedford blames Epping Forest District Council for some of the problems after it painted yellow lines on the roads.

She said: "I want the council to do something about this and take notice.

"There are people from Harlow and all the surrounding areas trying to use the car parks and roads and that now the council has put all these yellow lines everywhere in places like Theydon Bois, there is literally nowhere to park."

Staff at Jack's Hatch Garage, in Epping Green, say commuters are constantly being targeted by residents.

Co-owner Brian Faux, who runs the tyre workshop, said: "It's something that has only recently started happening.

"It seems someone has got the hump with people who park outside their house and is taking revenge on people's cars.

"I've told most people to report it, not that the police will do anything, but if they get enough reports they might do something about it."

Police crime reduction officer Tony Ellis said: "There's no evidence, but the allegation is that it's residents who are aggravated by cars parking in the area and causing congestion."

A six-month review of parking will see where improvements can be made.

A district council spoke-sman said: "People have to recognise that with so many cars on the roads and such a high demand for parking spaces, towns and villages like Epping and Theydon Bois are always going to have to compromise bet-ween the needs of residents, commuters and business people."