THE British National Party has won its first seats on a town or parish council in the Epping Forest district taking five seats on Loughton Town Council.

Meanwhile leading protesters fighting the Parsonage golf course development in Theydon Bois, who contested the election standing as Theydon Bois Independents, have won three seats on Theydon Bois Parish Council.

The campaigners have been fighting the golf course plans, the importation of material onto the site, and the hundreds of lorries which have been carrying the material to the land, off Abridge Road.

The full parish and town council results, with the elected candidates, in capitals: BUCKHURST HILL PARISH COUNCIL: BUCKHURST HILL EAST - PETER SPENCER (Lib Dem) 741, DEV DODEJA (Lib Dem) 705, LEN MARTIN (Lib Dem), 618, ELEONOR SPENCER (Lib Dem) 602, MALCOLM WOOLLARD (Lib Dem) 598, Marshall Vance (Con), 591, Terence O'Gara (Con) 557.

BUCKHURST HILL WEST: JILL SUTCLIFFE (Lib Dem) 1,007; JOYCE DARBY (Lib Dem) 976, RONALD BRAYBROOK (Con) 971; BOB CHURCH (Con), 960; ANGELA CASS (Con) 926; SYLVIA WATSON (Con) 895; Angie Blanche (Lib Dem) 883; Haluk Ulkun (Con) 882; Margaret Hollingshurst (Lib Dem) 853; Peter Sinfield (Lib Dem) 846; Barbara Blossom (Buckhurst Hill Residents Society) 758.

EPPING TOWN COUNCIL: HEMNALL - ALAN WARNER (Lib Dem) 973; William Breare-Hall (Con) 968.

LOUGHTON TOWN COUNCIL: LOUGHTON ALDERTON - ROSE BROOKES (LRA) 857; TONY FRANKLAND (BNP) 458; RODNEY LAW (BNP) 413; Neil Woollcott (Lib Dem) 289; Maureen Boatman (Lab) 260; Eddie Boatman (Lab) 216; Raymond Harris (Alliance for Green Socialism) 148; Simon Bullough (Lab) 134.

LOUGHTON BROADWAY - PAT RICHARDSON (BNP) 445, THOMAS OWEN (Lab) 438), GARRY MARTIN (BNP) 408; Valerie Metcalfe (Con) 378; Roger Salmon (Lab) 341; Jill Bostock (Lab) 326; Peter Relph (Alliance for Green Socialism) 214.

LOUGHTON FAIRMEAD - CAROL DAVIES (LRA) 678; ALEXANDER COPELAND (BNP) 375; BEN GLASSMAN (Con) 315, Peter Turpin (BNP) 286; John Game (Lab) 213; Matthew Hartley (Lab) 175; Peter Fuller (Lib Dem) 161; Margaret Owen (Lab) 148.

L:OUGHTON FOREST - Suzanne Harper (LRA) 1,279; PETER HOUSE (LRA) 1,265; JILL ANGOLD-STEPHENS (LRA) 1,262; Paul Evans (BNP) 134; Terry Howard (BNP) 132.

LOUGHTON RODING - STEPHEN MURRAY (Ind) 1,196; KENNETH ANGOLD-STEPHENS (LRA) 882; MARGARET CHALK (LRA) 744; DAVID WIXLEY (LRA) 660; Lorne Daniel (Con) 320; Tom Richardson (BNP) 211; Graham Cater (BNP) 187.

LOUGHTON ST JOHNS - CAROLINE POND (LRA) 1,205; STEPHEN PEWSEY (LRA) 1,195; CHRIS POND (LRA) 1,155; Lynne Turpin (BNP) 152; Peter Cooper (BNP) 141.

LOUGHTON ST MARYS - RODNEY BARRETT (LRA) 961; ROY THOMSON (LRA) 951; LUCETTE HOWE (LRA) 927; Edward Stacey (Con) 500; Edward Butler (BNP) 130; Susan Clapp (BNP) 124.

THEYDON BOIS - PETER GOOCH (Local Alliance) 837; JENNY BERRY (Theydon Bois Independents) 804; SUSAN JONES (Local Alliance) 763; SUE SOWERBY (Theydon Bois Independents) 763; JACQUELINE DODMAN (Theydon Bois Independents) 761; JOHN PHILIP (Local Alliance) 744; ANTHONY PURKISS (Local Alliance) 728; MIKE HANNIBAL (Local Alliance) 728; MIKE EMMETT (Theydon Bois Independents) 725; PAUL VINCENT (Theydon Bois Independents) 724; PETER HAMMOND (Local Alliance) 716; Bob Day (Local Alliance) 703; Kenneth Cushing (Local Alliance) 686; George Howard (Lib Dem) 643; Trevor Harvey (Local Alliance) 577; Clive Amos (Local Alliance) 576; Martin Montgomery-Smith (Local Alliance) 525.