The origins of this burnt out car were proving a mystery to police ten years ago this week.

The charcoaled remains of a Mini Cooper dumped in a forest car park seem to be the latest example of fly tipping.

Although despite being easily visible from the road, the arrival of the vehicle at the Wake Valley Pond car park is a mystery to Essex Police, who say that they had no idea that it was there.

A spokesman said: “No record of an abandoned vehicle has been reported to us at that location.

“If a car is abandoned and left in a dangerous position then the police will deal with it, but if it is not then Epping Forest District Council will deal with the recovery.

“If it is a stolen car then it could be from outside of Essex.

“Obviously we would appeal to anybody with any information of the theft of a Mini to get in touch with us.”

Head Forest Keeper, Keith French, said that burnt out cars used to be a regular problem for forest keepers, although they are less common now.

He said: “We are aware of the vehicle. We used to see around 30-40 a year, we just get the odd one now.

“I think that it is because of the value of scrap metal these days.

“Epping Forest District Council will be taking it away, although if there is an insurance claim on it then the individual company may come and retrieve it.”

“Forest keepers would contact the police to make them aware of the vehicle if necessary.”

Although the remains of the car are on City Corporation of London land, Keith, who works for the City Corporation of London, said that abandoned vehicles in the forest are taken care of by Epping Forest District Council.

He said: “We have an agreement with the local authority that burnt out vehicles will be taken by them.”