THE father of murdered teenager CJ Hendricks is calling for direct action be taken to prevent more senseless deaths.

Charles Hendricks Snr, 55, is trying to come to terms with the death of his son - who was stabbed near Walthamstow bus station - and is considering how he can use his son’s tragic death to create positive change.

He is writing an impassioned letter to the Prime Minister demanding more direct action to prevent knife crime, and is considering how he can campaign against knife crime on behalf of his son.

He said: “The teenagers must stop what they are doing. The Government finds ways to try to pressurise teenagers but it needs to be something stronger than what they are doing. The message is not strong enough. They can build spaceships to go on the moon - why can’t they sort a problem like this out?

“The future is very black for the teenagers of today. And with the credit crunch, crime will be on the increase.”

His words come hot on the heels of the Government’s launch of an eight-page booklet advising parents how to spot if their child is in a gang. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith appealed to parents to get involved in tackling gang crime and insisted that some teenager “actually do” listen to their parents.

She said: "Of course there are problems. There are people, some relatively young, who are willing to commit horrendous acts of violence. But what we also know is that we can change things by working together. I think that parents are a vital source of support both within communities and, specifically, to their own children and to young people."

“The Gangs: You and Your Child” booklet suggests looking out for teenagers using new slang words, a new nickname and acquiring possessions or money. And parents are advised to become more involved in their child's life, familiarising themselves with their friends.

But Mr Hendricks, from Leytonstone, said that the message will fall on deaf ears because teenagers don’t listen to their parents.

He said: “Most of them don’t communicate with their parents. The media is putting out the message not to carry knives but teenagers don’t get the news.

“They need to target the teenagers through a medium they have access to and fund the right time of day when there will be an audience of young people. Many teenagers like their walkmans, so they could do more on the radio.”

Hundreds of tributes have been made to the teenager on social networking group Facebook, and dozens of flowers, cards and items belonging to the teenager were left as a memorial near the scene of his death.

Mr Hendricks added: “I never realised he had so many friends. A lot of people knew and respected him, so something good has to come out of it.”

- A 16-year-old boy has been remanded in custody charged with the murder of Charles 'CJ' Hendricks. The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was remanded in custody until December 8 when he will appear at the Old Bailey.

Two other boys, aged 16 and 17, remain in police custody. A 19-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy have been bailed until later this month pending further inquiries.