AN irate motorist who chained herself to the railings of a vehicle pound after being fined £250 has won her parking appeal.

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi was angered when officials gave her the bill but instead of stumping up the cash she decided to chain herself to the pound's railings.

Now she has been told that her appeal has been successful and she does not have to pay her fine.

Ms Wimborne-Idrissi, 55, of Sky Peals Road, Woodford Green, said:"I am absolutely delighted to get my money back. I think it shows the idiocy of the parking rules.I don't regret chaining myself to the railings at the parking pound.

"I would advise people who are thinking of appealing parking fines to do so because you might win like I did."

In April she was on a shopping trip when she parked her navy blue Renault Tango in what she thought was a parking bay in Chingford Mount Road.

On her return she was shocked to discover her car had been loaded on to a tow truck.

She remonstrated with the officials but they handed her a £50 fine and a £70 clamping fee and then sped off before she could pay on the spot.

The incensed teacher at Roger Ascham school in Walthamstow stormed off to a vehicle pound in Edmonton to complain.

She was then presented with a £250 bill because her car had been impounded, which angered her so much she chained herself to the railings.

This is not the first time Ms Wimborne-Idrissi has protested.

She was arrested after demonstrating against Isreal's foreign policy towards Palestine at a rally and took part in anti-racism and anti-facism marches.

Ms Wimborne-Idrissi, a former Reuters journalist, is also celebrating after Islington council dropped a £180 parking charge after it realised 'procedures were not upheld.'

She said:"It's been a good week.I'm £400 up."

A council spokesman said:"Our evidence which we sent by post to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) did not reach them.

"We will be requested a review of this case because as we were not informed that our evidence had not reached PATAS."