THE FILTHIEST restaurants in the borough have been named and shamed by the council in a continuing crackdown on food hygiene standards.

Although many of the restaurants have now cleaned up their acts and have been allowed to reopen, their conditions were once such that environmental health officers sought orders for their immediate closure.

Over the course of 2008, 15 restaurants have been shut down, including Chicken and Curries, Leytonstone and Kurinji, Walthamstow, as reported by the Guardian.

Leyton Restaurant on High Road was served with an emergency hygiene prohibition order in January because of a “serious cockroach infestation” and Sizzler, Chingford Mount Road, Tempo Coffee and Buffet, Forest Road, and Hot N Tasty Chicken and Pizza, Church Road, Leyton were all closed down in April.

Hot N Tasy Chicken and Pizza was described at the time of the order as having a “serious mouse and rat infestation” in addition to general poor hygiene.

From May to August, a further nine restaurants were closed down at a rate of at least two a month and many had infestations of mice, rats or cockroaches.

Deshi Doi UK Ltd in the Forest Business Park had a serious mouse infestation as well as poor hygiene and evidence of mould.


15/01/2008: Leyton Restaurant High Road, Leyton.

Serious cockroach infestation, poor hygiene.

20/03/2008 Duck Inn Café Lea Bridge Road, Leyton. No hot water, poor hygiene.

03/04/2008 Sizzler Chingford Mount Road, Chingford. No hot water, very poor hygiene.

25/04/2008 Tempo Coffee & Buffet Forest Road, Walthamstow. Rat infestation, poor hygiene 29/04/2008 Hot N Tasty Chicken & Pizza Church Road, Leyton. Serious mouse and rat infestation, poor hygiene.

12/05/2008 Carnival Cards and Gifts High Road, Leyton. Very serious mouse infestation.

28/05/2008 Moubon Argall Avenue, Leyton.

Serious mouse infestation, poor hygiene 04/06/2008 Kebabish High Road, Leyton.

Serious mouse infestation, poor structure.

10/06/2008 Chicken Spot 371 High Road, Leyton.

Serious mouse and cockroach infestations, poor hygiene.

19/06/2008 Deshi Doi UK Ltd Forest Business Park, Leyton. Serious mouse infestation, poor hygiene, poor cleaning and mould.

25/07/2008 Kebabish Original 26 St James's Street, Walthamstow.

Cockroach infestation and poor hygiene.

28/07/2008 Woo Forest Road, Walthamtow.

Cockroach infestation and poor hygiene.

04/08/2008 Chick Inn Hoe Street, Walthamstow.

Cockroach infestation and poor hygiene.

11/08/2008 Chicken & Curries High Road, Leytonstone. Cockroach Infestation, no hot water and poor hygiene.