PLANS to erect a mobile phone mast in a residential street have sparked fears over potential health risks.

The mast, proposed to be sited at a house in Jewel Road, Walthamstow, would provide mobile phone coverage for the borough of Newham from start-up company UK01, according to a document seen by the Guardian.

Residents now fear that if the planning application is approved, they could be at risk of serious health problems such as cancer.

At-home-mother Suzie McKenzie-Young, 43, who lives in Jewel Road, said: “It’s a very highly populated road and a thoroughfare down to Lloyd Park and they’re planning to put up a 10-metre mast.

“I went down to the planning office and the application is from a company in Watford. It wants to give coverage to Newham and said it’s the first of many. They seem to think Walthamstow is a soft target.”

The proposed site is just a few streets away from Greenleaf Primary School and Mrs McKenzie-Young is worried that children could be affected by the new mast.

She said: “The residents are very, very against it. There are children, pregnant women and elderly people living here and if it goes ahead, it’s them who are at risk.”

And fellow resident Philippa Phelps, 38, a probation officer, also voiced concerns, saying protests were being gathered against the proposal.

“We just feel that having this within the street is going to create an industrial feel and increase anti-social behaviour,” she said.

“It’s coming up in a poor area and they’re presuming no one’s going to do anything.”

A UK01 spokesman said the company is putting together an information pack for residents.