COUNCIL leaflets warning residents not to litter have been found dumped near a Walthamstow railway station for the second time in less than a fortnight.

Again spotted by Matt Taylor, 34, of Walthamstow Village, the leaflets, which detail the council's "Wipe Out Enviro-Crime" campaign, were found strewn in bushes, among piles of other rubbish in Edinburgh Road, near Queen's Road station.

Mr Taylor, a student teacher, said: “I guess they never cleaned it up properly after last time, or the people they sent just threw it into the hedge with all the other litter that's always there.”

He said that he saw the second set of leaflets in the afternoon on Saturday (21).

They were still there two days later and he then took a picture of them.

“They were still there when I was going to catch my train so I took photos,” he said.

“The whole street was deserted when I took them.”

Flytipping, if carried out by a member of the public, can lead to a £50,000 fine or a five-year prison sentence.

Mr Taylor first spotted a box of damp leaflets as well as a bundle of copies of the council information sheet WFM in the pavement in almost exactly the same place on February 12.

A council spokesman said the leaflets were only there temporarily as part of a "distribution process".

The council also stated they were then delivered to homes in the area, in spite of what Mr Taylor described as their "tatty" appearance.

The find came as a borough-wide “clean up” was announced, including gully maintenance and footpath clearing, to last until March 17.

The Guardian is awaiting a response from the council.