UPDATE: Anthony Jackson has been returned in the North Weald and Nazeing ward to complete a full set of results for the county.

UPDATE: Former District Council leader John Knapman has won a county council seat for the first time.

Mr Knapman came home first in the Chigwell and Loughton Broadway ward for the Conservatives

UPDATE: Newcomer Valerie Metcalfe has held Buckhurst Hill and Loughton South for the Tories against the challenge of parilaimentary candidate Ann Haigh.

UPDATE: The Conservatives have retained Waltham Abbey with another win for Liz Webster

The BNP's group leader Pat Richardson came second with 1,072 votes

UPDATE: Chris Pond has retained his Loughton Central seat for The Loughton Residents Association.

Dr Pond was returned with a thumping majority of 1853 from the Conservatives Mitch Cohen

UPDATE: The Lib Dems have taken a seat from the Conservatives.

Janet Whitehouse has taken the Epping and Theydon Bois seat.

Veteren councillor and former county council chairman Gerard McEwen has been re-elected in the Ongar and Rural ward of the district.

Mr McEwen's is the first result to be announced in the Epping Forest District.

More to follow



McEwen, Gerard William Conservative 2358

Jacobs, Derek James Liberal Democrat 656

Tilbrook, Robin English Democrats 505

Turpin, Peter James British National Party 380

Barnecutt, Jessica Green Party 288

Spring, Sheila Labour 265

Total number of votes cast: 4452

Total number of eligible voters: 11718

Division Turnout: 37.99%


Whitehouse, Janet Hilda Liberal Democrat 2481

Surguy, James Edward Conservative 2080

Smith, Andrew George UK Independence Party 581

Frankland, Tony British National Party 306

Kieve, Daniel Joseph Green Party 219

Bullough, Simon David Labour 192 3.28 No N/A

Total number of votes cast: 5859

Total number of eligible voters: 12903

Division Turnout: 45.41%


Webster, Liz Conservative 2577

Richardson, Pat British National Party 1072

Brooks, Pat Liberal Democrat 682

Diamond-Conway, Mitch Labour 445

Fuller, Nicky Green Party 323

Total number of votes cast: 5099

Total number of eligible voters: 16318

Division Turnout: 31.25%


Metcalfe, Valerie Conservative 2601

Haigh, Ann Mary Liberal Democrat 1952

Wadsworth, Gerard Mark UK Independence Party 637

Neville, Steven John Sayfritz Green Party 392

Copland, Alexander Patrick British National Party 370

Owen, Tom Labour 359

Wright, Neville Independent 177 2.73 No N/A

Total number of votes cast: 6488

Total number of eligible voters: 15820


Knapman, John Conservative 2363

Montefiore, Ruth Labour 618

Butler, Edward Mark British National Party 540

Holmes, Katie Liberal Democrat 509

Lord, Chris Green Party 410 Total number of votes cast: 4440

Total number of eligible voters: 13283

Division Turnout: 33.43%

Division Turnout: 41.01%


Jackson, Anthony James Conservative

Leppert, Julian Peter British National Party

Lake, Matthew Liberal Democrat 524

Harries, Nicola Lesley Mary Green Party 442

Morris, Kelvin Michael Labour 419 8.19 No N/A

Total number of votes cast: 5116

Total number of eligible voters: 13621

Division Turnout: 37.56%