A DELIGHTED mum is preparing to celebrate the first birthday of her ‘miracle’ son – who weighed less than a bag of sugar when he was born.

Simone Katz could hold baby Beau in the palm of her hand when he was born, more than three months prematurely and weighing just 1lb 15 oz, last year.

The 43 year-old feared her dream of having a child was going to be snatched away from her when doctors were forced to restart the youngster’s heart soon after his birth.

Ms Katz then watched helplessly as Beau’s weight dropped to just 1lb 12oz over the next few days while medical staff battled to keep him alive in a high intensity care unit.

To her relief Beau’s condition eventually improved and he was well enough for her to take him out of the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Whipps Cross University Hospital and bring him home.

Ms Katz said she and her partner Adrian are thrilled with the progress their first born has made since he arrived home.

She said: “It’s a miracle Beau survived really, because he was born after just 25 weeks with arms and legs the size of my finger.

“He’s such a chatty baby and loves people.

“Ever since we appeared on the front cover of the Guardian last year people just keep on coming up to say hello to him.

“He weighs 16lb 3oz now, and is developing really well. The doctors still keep saying how much of a miracle he is.

The former city worker, of Churchfields, South Woodford, says being an older mum has been an advantage.

She said: “I’m glad I’m an older mum. For some younger mum’s having a baby can be a chore, but I absolutely love it.

“My sister is a midwife at Whipps Cross, and I would like to say again how grateful I am to everthing they did for me and Beau.”