A CAT-OWNER has warned of the perils of dangerous dogs after her beloved feline companion was mauled by a bull terrier.

Elizabeth Newton, of Smarts Lane, Loughton, said her cat Alfie was a well-known friendly face about town, often popping into neighbours' homes and even the local pub.

But Alfie's daily stroll was recently caught short when a Staffordshire bull terrier leapt out of the open window of a passing Ford Fiesta before attaching its jaws to his leg.

The dog's owner eventually managed to separate his animal's jaws with the help of staff at a local garage, but then made-off in his vehicle leaving Alfie to cower in a nearby garden covered in blood.

He was found by a local shop owner who returned him to Ms Newton.

She said: “Alfie really is a little character in the street a complete individual. So many people have asked after him it is unbelievable he really did not deserve this to happen to him.

“These dangerous dogs and their careless owners should not be tolerated in our communities.

“I just pray that these cowards keep their dog under control and do not allow it to ever happen again.”

Alfie suffered a dislocated shoulder and numerous bite marks.

After a six day stay at Goddard’s Veterinary Hospital in Wanstead, he is now recovering at home.