IT was a case of pretty lost Polly when a parrot turned up unannounced at a primary school.

The African Grey was found at Leverton Junior School, in Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, and is now in the care of Epping Forest District Council after it was rescued by site manager Ricky Pacitto.

He said: “It just came down and landed on a tree at the school. It was being attacked by magpies, jackdaws, seagulls, everything. It was amazing- I thought it was going to die.

“I came out of the school and shushed the birds away. I thought it was a pigeon, then it flew to another tree again. It was being chased and I didn't know what to do. I got a saucer of fruit to coax it down. I was standing there for about an hour when it just came down, jumped and landed on my head. It was just amazing. I put my arms up, caught it and put it in a box with paper in it.”

Mr Pacitto took the errant bird to the vets in Highbridge Street where it was collected by the district council's animal warden Lynn Cook.

He said: “It was very unusual. We see foxes, and other wildlife around the school but it's the first time we've seen a parrot. I'm just so pleased it was saved.”

The parrot is described as very tame with distinguishing features.

If you think you are the owner of the parrot call Lynn on 01992 564077. Proof of ownership will be required.