UFO enthusiasts enjoyed a special evening devoted to the phenomenon, organised by Waltham Forest's own paranormal investigators.

Eerie Investigations hosted the event in the MS Action Centre, Walthamstow, and attracted a large crowd, some travelling from as far away as Southend.

Local unidentified flying object expert Roy Lake gave a talk on UFOs, sharing the highlights of his 50 years of experience with the crowd. He also showed slides of unexplained objects in the skies compiled by himself and other ufologists.

Chris Martin, the UFO author and documentary maker, was present and signed copies of his books and DVDs.

Eerie Investigations' Karen Frandsen, Ian Pleasance and Rosie Nicchitta opened a discussion with the audience on a range of connected topics, such as ghosts, crop circles and weird coincidences.

The team plan to run more events throughout the year. For more information visit their website www.eerie investigations.com. Anyone wishing to share their paranormal experiences with the team can call them direct on 8531 9443.