KARATE students went on a special training trip to Luxembourg to celebrate their club's 20th anniversary.

The Shotokan black and brown belts from classes in Waltham Forest joined members of other branches around London on the trip to the city of Luxembourg after an invitation from the country's chief instructor, Master Kasajima.

The 40 martial artists were put through their paces by Master Kasajima but it was not all about hard training. The visitors relaxed with a visit to a vineyard, wine tasting and a boat trip on the River Moselle.

The group also found time to take in a bit of sightseeing on the day before their flight, when they visited the historic German town of Bernkastel-Keus on Germany's western border with Luxembourg.

The Shotokan Karate England chief instructor, Rod Butler, was also invited to teach on the course, giving the Luxembourg students the benefit of his experience.

He said: "I was very honoured to be teaching on a course such as this. Master Kasajima is highly respected throughout the world as a karate instructor and as a person."

Mr Butler was invited to sign copies of his book Enoeda Tiger of Shotokan Karate Shotokan Karate England is now setting up an exchange training trip to Luxembourg next year. For more information about classes ring the club secretary on 0845 4303 007 or visit www.karate-london.co.uk