IN the 1800s it was a place of worship.

Then in 1904 it became the Woodford Green Men's Club following a donation from local philanthropist Sir J R Roberts.

And now if you fancy owning a piece of local history, you can, if you have a spare few hundred thousand.

Since January property development company the door (sic) has been working flat out at turning the Chapel on the Green, in Woodford High Road, into seven designer apartments.

But it's been more than just a men's club and a chapel.

It has housed many notable local associations including the Woodford Green Athletic Club.

At one time, you could even get Turkish baths for a shilling.

And while its original towering chapel spire was removed after it became a men's club the building has stayed at the heart of the community.

The developer iskeen to keep the outside integrity of the building, while modernising the interior to the extent of putting a bath in the clock tower.

At £750,000 the penthouse apartment is not cheap, but it may be a price some people are willing to pay to wash in a refurbished chapel spire.

Even the windows of the penthouse are made from the clock face and still have the numerals on them, giving the room an Alice in Wonderland like feel, complete with views of the lake on Woodford Green.

And the development is one that is close to the heart of the company's managing director, Russell Prince, who grew up in the area and saw the chapel going from run down to des res.

Mr Prince said: "Now it is a proud building, it has come to life, and can stand tall in the High Road.

"It is the way it should be, a feature instead of an eyesore."

If you want to see the flats there will be an open weekend starting on Saturday with viewings from 10am until 4pm, or you can find more information at www.chapelon the