THE spirits are always more active in the run up to Halloween and Waltham Forest's ghostbusters have been hunting them down.

A property in Waltham Abbey was visited recently by the team from Eerie Investigations, the paranormal detectives based in Highams Park, in a bid to contact some of the strange phenomena reported to appear there.

Events at the house were rumoured to be so bad that the family who lived there were forced to move out. The unsettling events centred on the family's young daughter who often said she was being talked to by a spirit called Danny.

Cold blasts of air, sudden feelings of fear and foul smells from nowhere plagued the family home.

As they packed to leave the house, banging from the empty room above accompanied them.

Karen Frandsen, of Eerie Investigations, said: "When we arrived we set up our temperature monitoring equipment. We immediately noticed temperature discrepancies in certain parts of the building despite the double glazing.

"The family said this matched their own experiences."

The investigators placed cameras in different rooms along with "trigger objects" to monitor, such as coins, and asked their psychic mediums to record what they should sense within the property.

Two of the mediums picked up on the presence of a man they believed was once a cattle or market trader. The family said they repeatedly felt the spirit man in his mid-30s was with them in the house.

If you're experiencing anything out of the ordinary and need help, call the team on 8531 9443 or visit their website