Not Married, Not Bothered: An ABC for Spinsters
Carol Clewlow.

Carol Clewlow, best-selling author of A Woman's Guide To Adultery, returns with another novel questioning contemporary views on marriage, age and lifestyle. She aims to empower singletons worldwide and re-establish the misspent word, spinster.

Each chapter covers a certain aspect of the unwedded, from 'A is for Attitude', to 'Z is for Zing Zing Zing (Went My Heartstrings)'.

The brave protagonist, Riley, is surrounded by some equally colourful characters. Her urge to investigate the plight of single women comes from her best friend Magda, who is having a full-blown wedding ceremony complete with glitzy reception.

The only catch is that the lucky person she's saying I do to, is herself. Not Married Not Bothered is a wonderfully witty and conversational tome, interwoven with factual interludes, such as famous spinster heroine facts.

Although slightly muddled, this unusual title does allow the reader to put the book down and pick it up again with ease.

Riley makes no sweeping judgements and certainly doesn't condemn marriage - she simply suggests that happiness is based on an individual's preference.

Heart-warming, quirky and unconventional. It's all about the individual and as Riley points out; "We've all got to follow our own yellow brick road."

Georgina Rogers