This week I've found some fantastic books for your Christmas present list. This first one is just right for all three to five-year-olds, The Penguin who Wanted to Fly by Catherine Vase.

Flip-Flop, the little penguin, sat on his favourite thinking rock and looked up into the sky. I wish I could fly, he said to himself.

But not even his snow aeroplane can give him wings. What is a small penguin to do? You're going to fall in love with little Flip-Flop he's absolutely gorgeous. The illustrations in this Christmas book are soft and cuddly. The Penguin who wanted to Fly is published by Scholastic at £9.99 and is guaranteed to make you go aah'.

My next book this week is a real Christmas must-have for eight to 12 year-olds, Horrible Christmas by Terry Deary. This disgusting book is chocka-block full of cruel Yule disasters, foul festive food and seasonal stories to send a shiver down your spine. You also get a free CD of Terry Deary's Cracking Christmas.

So, if you want to know 1) A very rude pantomime song 2) Why making Christmas pudding used to be a crime and 3) How to get rid of carol singers then this is the book for you. Horrible Christmas is published by Scholastic at £12.99 Great fun!

One more book this week. Here's an extract from The Best Dog in the World, by Sylvia Green. Elliot turned the corner and there was the dogs' home. He quickened his pace.

I don't know why I didn't think of this months ago, he said to himself. As soon as Mum ruined all my hopes of having a pet. Why on earth did she have to go and marry boring old Myles? Elliot is desperate for a dog of his own and then he meets scruffy-looking, loveable Denzil at the rescue home, he's the greatest dog in the world.

But Elliot's new stepfather is allergic to dogs, and now that Myles lives with them the only pet he's allowed is a boring old goldfish.

Can Elliot make his wish come true, or will Denzil be a stray forever? This is a good book for all you dog lovers, a great story and lovely illustrations too. The Best Dog in the World is published by Scholastic at £3.99 and is aimed at readers of about seven to nine-year-olds.

I've got lots more Christmas books to get through so I'd better be getting a move on. Have a great week.

Karen Hart