If You Could See Me Now
Cecelia Ahern.

Everything in Elizabeth Egan's life is perfectly ordered. Elizabeth lives her life by routine and structure and everything has its place.

In fact, her precision keeps everything from her successful business and her comfortable home life to her emotions and her feelings under complete control.

As the complete opposite, her free-spirited sister Saoirse moves from one disaster to another and, much to Elizabeth's dismay, she constantly finds herself picking up after her including looking after her six-year-old son, Luke.

As the story develops and as Elizabeth reflects on herself, the reader starts to understand why certain events in her life have affected her character and the way she lives her life. The book is descriptive full of emotions and colour. It is very readable, warm, endearing and emotive from the very start.

Ahern deftly describes the viewpoint of each character, and highlights the importance of love, friendship, and how even the least prominent person in your life can have the biggest effect.

It is a modern-day fairytale, although it was sometimes a little bit simple for my taste. Nevertheless, Ahern confirms why she is the leading light-romantic writer and has perfectly timed this book for Christmas.

Wendy Nguyen