The Truth About Diamonds.
Nicole Richie.

Famous for starring in The Simple Life and partying with Paris Hilton and other Hollywood socialites, you may be surprised by Nicole Richie's debut offering.

It's not just about fashion, make-up and boys if you read between the lines, there is actually a tale of morals.

In this novel, Nicole takes readers behind the scenes to the real world of young Hollywood royalty. Telling the story of Chloe Parker, a rock royalty princess, The Truth About Diamonds seems to closely mirror Nicole's life, even though she appears in the story as Chloe's friend.

Indeed, Chloe's life was transformed from rags to riches after she was adopted by a music superstar, her wild childhood was distinguished by parties, run-ins with press and police, and a stint in rehab.

When she shoots to instant fame as a spokesmodel for a beauty campaign, her past comes back to haunt her as her long-lost birth father appears out of nowhere, and her best friend betrays her.

She then struggles to keep her sobriety, her remaining friendships and her integrity, which she does efficiently.

This light-hearted read, complete with glossy photos of Nicole, isn't quite as riveting as Jackie Collins but is perfect for those who enjoy reading about the lifestyles of young rich heiresses.

Shereen Low