This week I'm starting off with a brilliant new book from local writer; Adam Frost - Ralph The Magic Rabbit.' It's the middle of spring, and all the forest animals are singing, even the snails.

But there's one snail who doesn't feel like joining in, Sid. He's fed up with being a slow, boring snail. So begins Sid's quest to find a way of becoming a far racier mollusc.

While consulting the well known wise, two-headed snails, he learns of the mythical Ralph, the magic rabbit. With one simple wish he has the power to make dreams come true. So Sid decides to track him down. This ridiculously funny story will have you cheering our little slimy hero on every utterly nutty step of the way, and will have you laughing out loud.

It has fantastic illustrations by Henning Lohlein too. Its moral is that sometimes the secret of true happiness lies a little closer to home than you might think. Ralph The Magic Rabbit' is published by Macmillan Books at £8.99.

Well I've got plenty more great Christmas books to read so I'll see you all next week. Have fun everyone.

Karen Hart