At First Sight
Nicholas Sparks.

The relationship between 37-year-old scientific journalist Jeremy Marsh and 30-year-old librarian Lexie Darnell which began in Sparks' earlier book continues here.

Jeremy has now moved away from New York City to Boone Creek, North Carolina, as the seemingly-perfect couple plan for their upcoming wedding and their first child.

As he tries to adapt to the claustrophobic small-town lifestyle, the tense run-up to the wedding heightens when Lexie's best friend goes missing, and his writing takes a back seat.

Things get even worse when he receives a mysterious email, making him question if Lexie's baby is really his, and particularly when he discovers Lexie holding hands with her ex - a local deputy sheriff - and lying to him about the meetings.

After a whirlwind six-month romance, Lexie and Jeremy decided to get married without completely getting to know one another. Much like the best-selling The Notebook.

At First Sight is essentially a story about love and human relationships and the whole kaleidoscope of the joy and pain that they entail.

There is love, friendship, anger, jealousy, betrayal, and sadness in this story. When I finished reading, I had to sit for a while and let it all sink in. This is a great novel for the festive season but readers, be warned this is another tear-jerker so make sure tissues are on hand.
Shereen Low