How would you like to visit Dreamland? You can float about in the sky with little cloud houses and go to a Blue Moon party. Everyone wears blue and there are even blue fireworks.

Sounds like your sort of thing? Then you might like get a copy of Fairy Dreams a lovely fairy-tale book by Gwyneth Rees. Evie has lots of adventures in Dreamland with fairy friends Star and Moonbeam. They take her on a dazzling adventure through their magic land, showing her all kinds of amazing sights. Here's a little passage from the book see what you think; Who lives there? Evie asked.

That's the dreamkeeper's cottage, Star explained. We all take it in turns to stay there and look after the garden. It's quite a difficult job because the garden changes all the time, depending on what dreams are going on inside.

How do you mean?
Queen Celeste will explain everything. We have to follow the star path through the night sky to get to her palace. There's the path over there. Come on. Moonbeam folded in her wings to land on the shiny path, which seemed to be made from large stars lying flat like paving stones.

Well, what do you think? Fairy Dreams is published by Macmillan Children's Books at £4.99 and for fun facts, magical games, cute e-cards and cool competitions you can log on to the author's website at lots of fun.

Next, I have a great book review from Danny, age eight, of Woodford Green. He has chosen to review one of my favourite books, Danny the Champion of the World.' I have read a lot of books by Roald Dahl, and my favourite one is Danny the Champion of the World. Danny loves his dad lots, and gets a shock when he finds out that his dad has been secretly poaching birds.

Danny knows that his dad is not a bad man though, and they have lots of exciting times together. This book is so exciting and funny that I have read it twice.

It is my best book and it is also good because the boy has the same name as me Danny. I think this is a ten out of ten book. My sister likes it too, but I think boys will like it best.

A big thank you to Danny for a smashing review. Your prize is on its way well done.

Have a great week.

Karen Hart