PEOPLE in Redbridge are healthier than the rest of the country on average, the primary care trust has said.

NHS Redbridge said a report by the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO) showed Redridge residents could expect to live longer and are less likely to suffer from cancer, stroke or heart disease.

However, the number of new cases of tuberculosis (TB) rose from 58 in 2000 to 159 last year, placing it above the UK average.

Diabetes is also more common than average, along with low levels of physical activity among both children and adults, triggering a rise in obesity.

Dr Pratibha Datta, director of public health for NHS Redbridge, said: “We’ve scored better than the national average in a number of areas, such as longevity, breast feeding, smoking cessation and teenage pregnancy.

“It’s encouraging news. We’re moving in the right direction although there remain areas of concern, such as obesity and physical activity.

“These have been targeted by the Redbridge Local Area Agreement and we have already seen a dip in obesity statistics among children.”

The borough also runs a fast-track service for patients with symptoms of TB to ensure rapid diagnosis and treatment, with a full course of medication lasting about six months.