PEOPLE living on an estate blighted by crime and anti-social behaviour – including drug use and couples having sex in cars just yards from people's homes – have called for the council to install CCTV cameras.

Residents on the Aldersbrook Estate in Wanstead have spoken angrily about the crime and anti-social behaviour which they say is a constant problem in the area.

Some have criticised the way the council spends money and have suggested that funding be used to install security cameras in the area to cut down on a range of problems.

Lisa Ringe, 41, of Brading Crescent said: “I was so pleased people are all in favour of the 'villagey feel' that Wanstead has and are proud of the two small monuments costing £7,000.

“However, would that £7,000 not be better spent on CCTV just five minutes down the road to help fight against the misery criminals, car dumpers, fly-tippers and prostitution has on the area?

“One day my friends little boy ran up to me and said 'They're making babies in the car'. When you're stepping over used condoms in the street, it's not nice.

“I'm sure that with a little bit of effort, someone could do something about it. We've suggested ways of making it better, like maybe making it a gated community or installing CCTV.

“Maybe even dummy CCTV would work. There was a time a little while ago when I approached a car where these people were having sex and said to the man, 'Do you realise you're on camera?' He couldn't get the car started quick enough.

“We've called the police so many times and although we've caught a few people, unfortunately by the time anyone gets down there they've gone.

“We used to write down number plates when my friend and I were out walking our dogs but it just never stops. We have drug dealers down here and all sorts.”

Ellie Smith, 31, of Burden Way, said: “There's a little bit of the estate that's known for it, round on St Gabriel's Close.

“There used to be some garages there but they got knocked down and now there's nothing there so people go there for sex in their cars.”

Gillian Cooper, 42, also of Brading Crescent, said: “It's one thing to go round there and do it but why do they have to leave their used condoms there and things? It's disgusting.

“I've heard the police say that it's young couples who have nowhere else to go, but that's not our fault is it? Why can't they book hotel rooms like anyone else?

“CCTV would be a great help. They wouldn't be so keen to do it if they knew they were being filmed.”

A spokesman for Redbridge Council said: “The police and council take reports of crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) very seriously and are committed to making the Borough a safer place to live.

“The council has a dedicated ASB Team and has set up an ASB hotline (020 8478 4679) so residents can easily report their concerns or problems.

“The team works closely with the police to help tackle ASB and we would advise this resident and any others that are experiencing problems with ASB to contact the hotline so that we can begin the process of tackling any issues they are facing.

“Residents can also report concerns and any suspicions of criminal activity to their local Safer Neighbourhood Team either on the phone or by attending one of their regular public events.”