VANDALS damaged a garden which was created by local residents using hundreds of pounds of public money.

For the last four years, residents have tended a small garden on former shrubland in Church Hill Road, Walthamstow, near the junction with Shernhall Street.

A small Community Council grant allowed residents to improve the garden and a wrought-iron arch was cemented into place, intended to support two recently-planted roses and a clematis.

But this morning residents awoke to find the iron arch had been cut to pieces.

Penny Wiles, of Church Hill Road, said: "Someone has come along and cut the arch, but the metal has not been stolen.

"There is no logic to this, I can only assume it was somebody who had been out drinking.

"I know it is not a massive crime, but it is all rather sad."

Mrs Wiles said she has reported the matter to the police, who have yet to respond.