A GROUP of residents took to the streets to impress upon dog owners about the nuisance of dog fouling.

Ferndale Area Residents Association (FARA) in Leytonstone, decided to kick up a stink by holding a “Doggy Doos and Doggy Don'ts” event on Friday evening to raise awareness about the dangers of dog fouling after receiving complaints from members.

A team of volunteers, accompanied by PCSO Charlotte Riley, spoke to dog walkers around Ferndale Road and Wanstead Flats and handed out information leaflets, dog goody bags and most importantly - poo bags.

FARA chair and owner of a greyhound called Cray, Flash Bristow, said: "We are letting dog owners know that it’s not acceptable to foul the pavements.

"This is the issue most frequently raised by our members, and we need to make it clear that dog owners must pick up their dogs’ doings."

FARA committee member, Vicky Allen, added: “I love dogs but their mess can be both a real eyesore and a health hazard, especially to young children.

"FARA aims to do whatever it can to improve our area for residents. I hope this event has raised awareness of the problem, and jogged the conscience of offending dog owners."

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