INTERNATIONAL train services will not be running to the new Stratford International station during the 2012 Olympic Games.

The £210m station, which was due to help bring people from abroad directly to olympic venues, may never have an international service, it has emerged.

According to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, train operator Eurostar has told the Government it will not run services from the station during the games.

While other international train operators are in talks to use Stratford, this will not be until after 2012.

Westfield, the company which is building the Stratford City development near Leyton has said Eurostar’s decision could hamper local trade.

A spokesman for Eurostar told the BBC: "After the Olympics we are looking at whether there could be an opportunity there and we will talk about it later - it is too early to say."

Stratford International, built close to the existing station, has longer platforms for the international services and it was hoped it would provide a flagship hub for overseas visitors to the games.

During the Olympics, the company will run high-speed Javelin trains every seven minutes between Stratford and Kings Cross.

The Olympic Delivery Authority said during the games 40,000 people a day will catch the Javelin trains but international services would reduce capacity.

A spokesman for Eurostar told the Guardian there had never been any plans for the company to run trains to Stratford International for the games.

He said the plan was always for visitors to use the Javelin service from St Pancras station.

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