A MOTHER living in squalor with her four-year-old son says that she wants out of their mouldy council home.

Princess Thomas, 23, of Sinclair Road, Chingford, has been sleeping on the floor with her son Joel Ambrosio because his bedroom is unfit to live in.

She said they live amongst mould, cracked windows and walls, and have a leaking pipe next to their electrical circuits.

But when she got in touch with council house manager Ascham Homes, she was told that the problems were due to her lifestyle.

Distressed Miss Thomas said: “When I first moved in I was pregnant. I was told it was a lovely place to live and was so pleased.

“But, when I got here it was unbelievable. There was mould everywhere. I was told that if I rejected it, it will take me a long time to get another place.

“My son has to sleep on the floor since he was eight months old because of the condition his cot.”

Joel has since developed eczema and his mother is convinced the damp has played a part.

An Ascham Homes spokesman said: “We have been working with Mrs Thomas’ to deal with her concerns since the end of April.

“We have inspected her home and workmen will be visiting to carry out repairs to a number of areas in the near future. A surveyor is also due to visit Mrs Thomas’ home on June 11.”