PARKING charges at Tube stations have been condemned as they are set to rise from this weekend.

From Saturday the daily tariff to park at Snaresbrook station will rise from £2.70 to £4.50 - a hike of 66 per cent.

Increases are planned at all of the 61 London Underground car parks.

Rail users who park at Tube stations are set to feel the pinch in a move which is being taken around London to help fund improvements at station car parks.

Commuter Isabel King emailed the Guardian after seeing a notice at Snaresbrook station yesterday.

She said: "I park my car at Snaresbrook station car park every day and I was very surprised to see a sign announcing new charges.

"This increase is outrageous."

Marina Urquhart, receptionist at The Tanning Station opposite the station in Wanstead High Street, said: "It's an easy way to make more money.

"Commuters will be unhappy about it I imagine as they already pay their fares to get to work.

"There's not many places to park around here so it could end up affecting businesses if people travel from elsewhere."

Nikhila Patel, who owns newsagents Snaresbrook News in Wanstead High Street, said: "People have mentioned it to us and they've said it won't be worth taking the car anymore.

"People say there is nowhere else to park as there are a lot of double yellow lines and restrictions in the area.

"I feel sorry for commuters and the worry is if it affects business as people might travel to other stations if they can park for cheaper."

The daily tariff at the Wanstead station car park is £2.70, at Woodford Station it is currently £2.50 and at South Woodford rail users currently pay £3.20 to park for the day.

A spokeswoman for NCP, which manages the car parks on behalf of London Underground, said: "NCP and London Underground have announced a price rise on all tariffs as of Saturday, September 18.

"The companies carried out extensive research into the market rates, with the results highlighting that the current tariffs were not in line with other competitors.

"Notices informing customers of the new price changes have been displayed across all sites since Monday, September 13, and season ticket holders have been informed.

"NCP has invested over £1.5 million in the first year of its latest contract with LUL which started in May 2009, and this jointly agreed price increase will allow them to continue to invest heavily in car park infrastructure and security.

"NCP has operated 24 car parks for LUL for over seven years with an additional 34 car parks joining the portfolio in 2009."

The spokeswoman added that since NCP has managed the contract improvements have taken place at sites including; improving CCTV systems, improving facilities for the British Transport Police to view images of crimes, installing more than 200 new pay and display machines, improving lighting and increasing levels of staffing at car parks.