THIEVES stole almost £3,000 worth of children’s equipment from a nursery school at the weekend, and even drank their milk before leaving.

Computers, DVDs, a DVD player, a camera and a TV were stolen from the Carville Day Nursery in West Avenue Road, Walthamstow - the third burglary there in the space of a year.

And one child with special needs, who celebrated his third birthday on Sunday and attends the nursery, was left without photos following his party on Monday as the thieves had also taken the nursery's camera.

Owner Joan Daley, 49, said: "I'm very upset and angry and I don't understand how people can do this. What type of mentality have they got? Whoever drank the milk even left the fridge door open.”

The nursery is unable to replace the stolen goods in the foreseeable future and all the children's computer work could be gone for good as it was not backed up.

Miss Daley added: “It makes you feel sick. This is the lowest of the low. I feel really choked. I wish I knew why this has happened. We never have any problems with parents or parents who used to bring their children to the nursery. Words can't describe how I feel.”

Miss Daley was confused as to why children were targeted: “Why are they stealing from children?”, she said.

“All the equipment is for the children to play with and it's really hurtful. I would love to know why they did this. The children loved going on the computers and they have lost out.”

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