THE LATEST in a long line of UFO sightings in the skies over the borough has been reported by a resident in Wanstead.

The sighting, posted on the UFO-UK website, was made by Ann Davenport, who claimed to have witnessed the rapidly-moving, bright white object at around 6:20pm yesterday evening (Thursday, November 18).

The report said: “I was just looking out of the bedroom window when I saw a very bright white light and a sound that I did not recognise.

“I kept my eyes fixed on the object and it came closer overhead at great speed. The sound was uniform unlike a plane when flying. It was a disc shape and was huge.

“I could clearly see two lit windows encompassing most of the top of the object. It was a very bright white light.

“This was most definitely not a plane or an helicopter. It was moving at great speed – very different to a plane.”

A number of sightings of unidentified flying objects have been reported across Wanstead and Woodford over the last few years.

Most recently, in June this year, Kate Sioftanou of New Wanstead spotted an object which looked remarkably like one which was seen a few days earlier by a former pilot over Buckhurst Hill.

Did you see the object? What do you think these unidentified objects really are?

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