PEOPLE living and working near a popular high street which will get £300,000 worth of improvements have given their views about how the money should be spent.

Wanstead High Street will get the funding boost as part of £3.3 million coming the borough's way next year from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Proposals for the cash include building a new northbound cycle path and renovating sections of the pavements.

The Guardian headed out on to Wanstead High Street to find out where residents think the cash should go.

Carole Wiles, 40, Warren Road, Wanstead
I think they should give incentives to bring shops back into the high street. They should provide more parking and they should use a better system because you can't always be faffing about to make sure you've got the right change or to use your phone to pay, especially when you've got children with you.

Spencer Lewis, 39, works on Wanstead High Street
I think they should provide more parking because the shops rely on it. People will just go elsewhere if they can't get parked.

Tony Lee, 40, New Wanstead, Wanstead
On the whole the High Street is pretty good but I think down towards the Wanstead station end it could be a bit better lit at night. My other half says she sometimes feels less safe down at that end than if she was walking along further up.

Terry Rose, 66, of Golfe Road, Ilford
In the 20 or so years I've worked here I don't think the high street has changed that much. Whatever they do with the money they should spend it wisely, rather than just throw money at it, as it could have an adverse effect.

Nayyer Sheikh, 29, Atherton Road, Clayhall
I'd like to see more bins for the flats above the shops, because I often see bags of rubbish thrown out onto the street. That would help maintain the beauty of the high street.

Ash Patel, 35, Woodlands Avenue, Wanstead
The council should use the money to encourage enterprise in the area, especially among young people. I'd like to see the green spaces used more for more events and markets, with stalls for the community, things that get the schools involved.

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