A GOSPEL singer hopes to raise money for a children's charity with a single partly inspired by the children that use it.

Dylan Balgobin, 28, recorded the single Stand (I Will be There) after working with children at the Elhap special needs adventure playground and activity centre in Roding Lane North, Woodford Bridge.

“I worked with a number of kids on a one-to-one basis and in group settings,” he said. “Some of them couldn't come to the playground because of the cost of getting there.

“The song talks about when you're told you can't do something and there's nobody on your side. It says you need to hold on and have faith.”

The 28-year-old, who lives in Leyton, has been working at the playground for two and a half years and said he had found it very rewarding so far.

“At the playground, you are allocated children and there are some you work with who require more support.

“Other times, I work in groups and we do activities like making pizza or playing rounders and just generally making sure they have a good time.

“The adults always have a good time as well.”

As well as children with learning difficulties and disabilities, the centre also caters for children with difficult family backgrounds and Mr Balgobin said he wanted to give children in this situation a boost.

“It's definitely written for the children,” he added. “I decided to write it after I heard about the Baby P abuse case.

“I despise violence against children and it affected me because he couldn't fend for himself.

“The song is for anyone else who has been affected by abuse.”

The singer is hoping to raise £500,000 for the playground with his single, but said any money he makes for the charity will be a bonus.

The single will be available from Amazon, iTunes or the website www.dielunmusic.com from April 7.