PEOPLE are more likely to fail their driving test if they sit it in Wanstead than anywhere else in the country.

New figures from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) reveal that just 29.9 per cent of aspiring motorists who were examined by staff at its centre in Hermon Hill passed during the last financial year.

The reason is thought to be that residents in east London are on average some of the poorest in the country and so cannot afford as many lessons.

Kendal in the Lake District had the best pass rate at 64 per cent.

Historically, the level of success in Wanstead has generally always hovered around the 30 per cent mark.

On average, men performed slightly better at the centre last year, with 32.4 per cent passing compared to 27.7 of women.

Pass rates were also higher in the winter, according to the figures.

A DSA spokesman said: “Examiners are trained to assess all tests in strict accordance with DSA guidelines, and their performance is monitored to ensure they meet the high standards required of them.

"Every driving test is assessed independently and on its own merits."

But he added: “There will inevitably be some variation in pass rates between different driving test centres.

"The number of candidates presented for test[s] at any one centre can have an impact on the statistics, but socio-economic factors can also play a part.

"Candidates who take more professional tuition and have better access to a vehicle for private practice tend to be better prepared for their test.”

In total, 11,839 people were examined at the Wanstead centre last year.

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