THE TREE which fell down and flattened a Mini on New Wanstead yesterday, was reported as being dangerous more than two weeks ago.

Traffic was stopped for several hours yesterday while the tree, which fell across the road and into the forecourt of Goddard Veterinary Practice, was removed.

Peter Rowe, 56, of nearby Chestnut Drive, says he called Redbridge Council to voice his concerns about the tree on May 29. He also took several photos which reveal it was badly damaged.

He said: “They said an engineer would come and take a look at the tree.

“I was surprised it wasn’t removed to tell you the truth, because it was clear to me that something had to be done about it.

“There was a huge hole at the bottom and it all seemed quite unstable.”

Mr Rowe was so worried by the tree that he even told his daughters not to drive past it in case it fell down.

He added: “I knew it was going to fall, it was just a matter of time. Something should have been done when I phoned about it.”

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Council said: "The Lime tree which fell yesterday is located on private property Agincourt, New Wanstead.

"Following an enquiry the tree was inspected and the Management Agent was contacted and instructed to make the tree safe. Unfortunately, the tree failed before work could be completed.

"It is the homeowners/landlords responsibility to have their trees checked regularly and professional arboricultural advice should be sought to ensure trees are maintained in a safe condition."

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