A SWAN left to bring up his cygnet alone after his partner was savaged to death by an out-of control dog, found happiness with a new female and her four cygnets.

Park users watched on in horror as the female was mauled by a dog on the banks of Shoulder of Mutton pond in Wanstead Park last Spring.

In the wake of the tragic event, just one of the couple’s cygnets survived to be watched over by his fiercely protective dad.

Forest keepers kept a close eye on the pair who eventually abandoned their old home for the other end of the pond.

And they were delighted when Mr Swan paired up with a female who had been left alone to bring up her cygnets after the death of her partner.

Senior Forest Keeper, Andrew Gammie, 48, said: “There was an immediate attraction and a lot of empathy and the pair got together.”

And he added: “All the cygnets have grown up now and moved on.

“But it’s nice to know that this tragic story had a happy ending.”

The owner of the dog which attacked the swan has never been traced, but Forest Keepers say people need to be more considerate when walking their pets.

Mr Gammie said: “It’s a reminder to everyone of the importance of keeping dogs in the park on a lead.”

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