PLANS to build a shared cycle path across Christ Church Green are unlikely to come to fruition after local councillors decided to oppose them.

The Council has been awarded a grant of £250,000 by TfL to promote cycling in the borough and wanted to use part of that money to build a path across the green from Wanstead High Street to Woodbine Place.

But the plan faced vocal opposition from sections of the local community including members of the Wanstead Society.

They say any path would pose a danger to toddlers playing on the green and threaten the peace and quiet of a much loved open space.

At a meeting of the Council’s Area One Committee meeting in November, councillors expressed doubts about the scheme and now say they have decided to oppose it.

Councillor Alex Wilson, who represents Wanstead, said: “We had a chat among ourselves and came to a consensus that we don’t want to go ahead with this.

“We’ve listened to some of the feedback that we have had from local people and decided the scheme is just not appropriate.

“I’m an enthusiastic cyclist myself but I don’t think the shared option works.”

While the decision will be welcomed by some residents, others have reacted with sadness.

Gill James, a member of Redbridge’s Cycling Liaison Group, said: “I’m disappointed that we can’t at least give this a trial run.

“I went to the Wanstead Society to try and persuade them that cycling is good for Wanstead, but they weren’t very receptive.”

Conservative Councillor Paul Canal, who chairs the Cycling Liaison Group, added: “I think the objections to this have been exaggerated and the benefits minimised.

“I’m disappointed that the local councillors and the Wanstead Society were unable to support a cycle path that would have benefitted the community.”

But members of the Wanstead Society say they are relieved at the decision.

Wanstead Society Member Billie Figg, said: “I have been a cyclist myself in the past, so I’m sympathetic.

“But some places should just be left as they are.”

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