TWO mothers with babies in buggies were viciously attacked when tempers frayed in a crowded hospital corridor.

Tracie Wye, 40, was punched and had chunks of her hair ripped out, while friend Yvette Prichard, 33, was also thumped during the onslaught at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone.

The pair, who both live by Abbotts Park in Leyton, claim they said "excuse me" as they tried to negotiate a busy corridor near the main entrance when another woman began shouting at them for not saying please.

The woman, described as black and aged in her late 20s, then launched into a ferocious attack which only ended when security guards intervened.

Much pedestrian traffic at the hospital has been re-directed through the main entrance following the closure last week of its old walk-in medical centre building, which is being rebuilt.

Ms Wye, who went to the hospital with her friend following a wrist injury, said: "I'm in a lot of pain and it was a very distressing experience, both for me and my child who saw it all happen.

"We both had buggies so we had to say 'excuse me' to an Asian lady to get by.

"But then this other woman shouted 'how about you say please?'

"My friend pointed out we said 'excuse me' and that's when this woman just lost it.

"She slammed Yvette against the wall, so I went to stand in between them. I put my arms across and then she started attacking me."

Ms Prichard, who was also with her 18-month-old son, said: "She was like a lunatic. She began pummelling Tracie and pulling her hair.

"My friend was in agony but the woman was shouting 'that's what you f***ing deserve'.”

Ms Wye added: "It all happened so quickly, I was thinking, I didn't start this, there's no need for this."

Police are appealing for information about the incident, which happened at around 12.40pm on Thursday (May 10).

Their suspect is aged between 28-35, is about five foot five tall and has short ginger hair.

She was with a friend, who also fled the scene, who is described as a black woman of a similar age.

She is roughly five foot seven tall, has shoulder-length black hair, has a heavy build and two facial piercings.

Witnesses are urged to call DS Brian Jones on 020 3 276 0967 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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