PEDESTRIANS were forced to cross a dangerous roundabout after an underpass flooded over the weekend.

TfL have installed a pumping system in the A406 underpass between Maybank Road and Mulberry Way in South Woodford after repeated incidents of flooding.

But the pump did not kick in during Sunday’s downpour leaving the tunnel two feet deep in water and forcing people to cross the busy Charlie Brown's roundabout.

Frank Collins of the Maybank Community Association (MCA), said: “It was terrible it was almost up to knee level down there.

“Maybe the drainage or the pump is getting blocked with sludge, I don’t know.

“The fact is TfL are meant to be maintaining it and we are not sure they are.”

Mr Collins says TfL were notified of the flooding on Sunday night, but that the underpass was not cleared of water until noon on Monday.

Fellow MCA member Tony Loffhagen said:”I had an engagement to get to and had to take my life in my hands crossing the road.

“But I was really concerned about children who were forced to cross the road to get to Oakdale School, it just isn’t safe.

“Perhaps a fatality will jar them into taking proper action there because someone will be killed one of these days.”

Neighbours of Charlie Brown's roundabout have been calling on TfL to install proper pedestrian crossings and improved traffic lights for 12 years.

Plans to install new traffic light crossings were put forward in 2007, only to be sidelined by TfL in 2009 due to lack of funds.

Liberal Democrat, Gwyneth Deakins, who represents the area, said: “If they won’t give us the pedestrian crossing which we have been asking for then they need to ensure the underpass is properly maintained.

“It is a disgrace that it was not cleared until the next day.”

Cllr Deakins wants TfL to put up notices with a phone number to call in case of flooding and has also called for stepping stones or boards to be put down so that people can get through the underpass.

She added: “Those measures would help, but in the long term they need to sort out the problem properly.”

Cllr Deakins has asked Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon to raise the matter with the GLA.

Dana Skelley, Director of Roads at TfL said: “Due to significant rainfall in east London on Sunday, TfL had to coordinate its highway contractors to ensure that areas with the highest safety risks were treated as a priority.

"This unfortunately led to a delay in attending the Maybank Road subway underneath the A406.

"I wish to apologise for any inconvenience that was caused by this and work is already underway to look at how we can improve the subway to reduce the chance of this kind of incident occurring again.”

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