Costa Coffee has launched a spring menu that features three new variations on the flat white and brings back a popular drink.

The new range includes the flat mocha for those craving chocolate, the flat black that uses a shorter and purer shot of coffee, and the coconut flat white for a dairy-free option.

Costa is also bringing back the white hot chocolate after customers mourned its absence from the Christmas menu.

On the food front, sausage rolls are being added to the menu and anyone who buys a hot chocolate over Easter will get a free Lindt bunny to jolly up their day.

Last but certainly not least is a new Instagram-worthy Easter Choc-O-Crunch cake, which is a pastel-inspired treat topped in baby pink, powder blue and lemony yellow.

Gennaro Pelliccia, master of coffee at Costa, said: “We were the first branded coffee shop to introduce the flat white to the UK in 2010 and we’re looking forward to now sharing new ways to experience the smooth and creamy coffee favourite with the introduction of the Flat Family.

"There’s something for everyone in the Flat Family – from the flat black, for those who prefer their coffee pure, to the flat mocha, for those who can’t resist a touch of chocolate.”

Costa’s spring menu is available in all stores now.